STAFF PICK: III by Foster the People

STAFF PICK: III by Foster the People

Following up their outstanding sophomore album Supermodel, Foster the People returns three years later with their three track EP III. I’ve been following FTP since their debut album Torches back in 2011 and their music has never been anything short of ambitious and thought-provoking. Torches was (and still is) an impressively new sound in a genre that’s extremely easy for an upcoming act to get forgotten in. I still distinctly remember listening to “Life on the Nickel” for the first time and getting goosebumps all over my arms. Before then, I had never heard elements of electronic, hip hop, and classic rock structured in the space of a pop song the way they did. Supermodel eases up on the electronic/dance hall influences and showcased FTP’s ability to write upbeat tracks without relying on synths and sampling. 

“Pay the Man” is the opening track on the EP and Foster reflects on his anxieties on the first chorus:

Because I've been running from the truth

Will never lose

Lies come from loose teeth

Tied to the noose

Climbing up my own tree hoping it can hold

All the things I've seen but I've chosen to ignore

The second track titled “Doing it for the Money” is a call to the people. Like I mentioned earlier, one thing that’s always made FTP such a prominent group is not only their musicianship, but their messages. Along artists like Andre 3000 and Kendrick, it’s clear Mark Foster lyrics are meant to be moments of self-reflection. In the pre-chorus he states:

I said it doesn't matter where I go

I am calling all the prophets into the battle

I am never going to change who I am

I won't bend under the pressure

When my back's on the ropes

I said it doesn't matter where I go

I am staring down the barrel of a gun

We are shouting to the world

Let them know that we are

Not afraid to step into the fight

When we can't see the light

Rumored to be the title of the currently untitled forthcoming album, “SHC” (or Sacred Hearts Club) is the final track on the EP. Right before the first verse and bridge, there’s a man’s voice who says “omnipotent”. Once again, Foster the People redirects me to a dictionary and omnipotence is the quality of having unlimited power. According to contributors on Genius, the lyrics can be said from the point of view of Mark or God. Foster references self-reflection and existentialism a lot throughout Supermodel and it’s interesting to ponder what the narrative of the upcoming album is. 

Although we haven’t received an official release date for the album, three tracks is a great way to return to your fans. III is a sneak peak into the new chapter of a group has never failed to deliver music that will live on for a very long time. 

Stream III below and get tickets to Foster the People’s upcoming tour here






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