INTERVIEW: The Author and the Illustrator

INTERVIEW: The Author and the Illustrator

We spoke with local alternative rock group The Author and the Illustrator about the evolution of the band, inspiration, and plans for the new year and the interview below!

About this time last year you guys released “A Minor Component to a Cold November” – how would you say the band has changed over the past year?

Crazy to think that it’s already been a year! We’re all still really proud of AMC.  More than anything, we’ve been spending time refining our sound and our practice to eventually release more music and tour more extensively. Touring as much as we did in 2015, particularly our trip to the East coast proved to be a big growing experience for us not only as musicians, but as friends.<a href="">A Minor Component to a Cold November by the author and the illustrator</a>

A few months ago your new track “Shore to Shore” was on The Record Machine’s newest compilation. What was the inspiration behind the song? 

Shore to Shore is about difficulty expressing emotions.  It’s inspired by seeming emotionless, distant, and unable to read when there is a lot more going on. It’s also the first song I (Zack) wrote entirely before bringing to the band, which is how we ended up writing a majority of our new songs, rather than jamming songs out.<a href="">How To Keep Dreaming by The Author And The Illustrator</a>

On the topic of inspiration, Kansas City is well known for being an artistic, cultural place. What kind of things or places in the city inspire your guys’ sound?

Kansas city has a rich history of large “wall of sound” rock bands.  We definitely are inspired by everything that happened in the 90’s and early 00’s as far as the “Kansas City” sound goes (Shiner, The Life and Times, Season to Risk, The Appleseed Cast, The Get Up Kids, Molly Mcguire, Dirtnap, etc.).  Additionally, the climate that not only Kansas City but the entire Midwest offers definitely plays a role in shaping how we sound.  We like to think that when you hear our music and what it has to offer, the listener can tell where we call home.

What’s on the horizon when it comes to new music?

We will be releasing a full length LP in 2016, the time is undetermined at this point. Hopefully some videos.

Favorite Pokemon starter?

Does everyone say Squirtle?

Written by Cameron Capers

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