INTERVIEW: Great Good Fine Ok

INTERVIEW: Great Good Fine Ok

Written by Cameron Capers

Photos: Payton Holland

Earlier this month Brooklyn based synth pop duo Great Good Fine Ok embarked on their first head lining tour and played their first show in Kansas City at The Riot Room. I caught up with the guys before their show and talked about touring, new music more, and more!

First off, I wanted to ask you guys about touring because it seems like you’re never away from the road for too long. How’s it been so far?

Jon: Yeah, it’s been great. We haven’t been a band for that long and in the past year/year and a half we’ve played probably about a hundred shows. So yeah, we’ve been enjoying touring a lot.

You guys have toured with Betty Who, Panama Wedding, Penguin Prison and all these amazing bands. How was it touring right out of the gate and getting used to that lifestyle?

Jon: For such a new band that got to open for bands we’re such huge fans off is super cool and we feel lucky.

Luke: Um….I mean, yeah. There’s been various super challenging things along the way.

Jon: Like opening these bag of nuts

Luke: We’re getting there. (crunch)

Jon, I wanted to ask you about your inspirations from back in the day and how long you’ve been singing?

I’ve been singing my entire life. I was doing more singer song-writer stuff which it’s tough to write Michael Jackson-y songs with an acoustic guitar by yourself. But that stuff has always been my favorite kind of music. But making this band and having the instrumentation and a producer like Luke to execute music like that has been awesome for me because I feel like I’m singing the stuff that’s my favorite kind of music.

Were you guys ever worried about your sound?

Jon: Not really, the way this band started is we wrote a song together and we set out to make it sound like a certain thing. And the first song was “You’re The One For Me” and just sounded the way it sounded and the other songs were born from there. The style was kind of created but it was never forced or purposeful.

Luke: Yeah, it was like what would happen if all our inspirations came together in a song.

I wanted to say you’re one of my favorite producers and I wanted to know when you first started producing music?

Luke: One of my first piano teachers when I was little had like you would do your piano lesson for most of the lesson and she had this setup where while the next kid was coming in you could mess around on a little keyboard with a two track tape recorder attached to it. So that was my favorite part was messing around on some eighty’s keyboard.

You guys are from Brooklyn, right?

Luke: We’re based their now, but we’re originally from upstate New York.

I wanted to ask about New York because it’s definitely a pillar in the music world and I wanted to know if it was hard to break your music into the local scene?

Luke: We lived there for years before this band happened so we were already very much in the music scene.

What albums are you guys excited for?

Jon: What’s that one St. Lucia song?

Luke: Love Somebody is a really good.

Jon: Tame Imapla’s latest record.

Luke: Chairlift’s new album

You guys released “Already Love” not too long. So new album, can you tell us anything about that?

Jon: When we feel like it’s the right time to release a full album we will. No matter what there’s going to be new music. It’s funny people are always asking us when the full album comes out? And we have eleven songs so download all the songs, burn them on a CD, and you have our first LP! (laughs)

Jon: You know, it’s funny. We actually enjoy putting out singles. Each song gets more of a life of it’s own.

Luke: But at the same time we have a lot of songs that aren’t super single-y so they would sound better on a album.

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