Written by Cameron Capers

Photos: Zachary Snellenberger

After having massive success with singles “Electric Love” and “10,000 Emerald Pools”, BØRNS hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. Since the release of his debut album ‘Dopamine’ (via Interscope Records), he’s been touring the U.S along with European countries. BEYOND THE SOUND spoke with Garrett about the inspiration behind his sound, new music, and his favorite things to do in Kansas City. 

Around this time last year you were opening for Bleachers on tour. Jack Antonoff is such a gifted musician and performer - what was it like touring with him?

Jack and the Bleachers guys are a really fun group. We all had a great time touring together.

Your debut album ‘Dopamine’ is amazing. Something I really appreciate about it is how honest it is. How did different relationships in your past/present influence the album?

Thanks very much. It's hard to say exactly where words come from, a lot of the time they just hit me when I'm on a long drive or daydreaming in the studio.

Throughout the record you can hear so many different influences….on one side of the spectrum you hear a lot of hip hop influence, but it’s also very psychedelic and guitar driven. Have you always been exposed to many genres of music?

The influences on the record came from both Tommy English and me. Tommy produced all the songs and he's an amazing guitarist as well. We like a lot of different kinds of music. Hip hop and 70's rock are two influences for sure.

I wanted to tell you I think it’s awesome your friends with Kacy Hill because she’s such a gifted vocalist. Any chance of you two writing together in the future?

Yeah her voice is insane. We'll probably start a rap group or something.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Kansas City?

Cold brew and record shopping.

When can we expect new music?

Once I finish fall tour I'll be getting back in the studio.

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