INTERVIEW: Aysia Marotta

INTERVIEW: Aysia Marotta

Written by Cameron Capers

BEYOND THE SOUND spoke with rising photographer Aysia Marotta about her introduction to photography, living in New York, and plans for 2016. 

When were you first introduced to photography?

I was introduced to photography and videography at a very young age by my Dad. I remember as a young child, my dad bringing cameras everywhere with us. He kept such a great catalogue of photo and video of mine and my brother’s childhood. He always made sure to show me how the cameras worked, and would buy me disposable cameras all the time. He even let me make my own little short films.

How does living in New York inspire your shooting?

Living in New York inspires my photography immensely. There is always something going on, something to see. The city is such a playground for photographers – from the landscape and architecture, to the characters you come across just walking around.

What was shooting your very first band like?

The first band I ever shot was The Maccabees at Music Hall of Williamsburg in February of 2013.

A friend overseas running an online music publication had asked me to shoot the show for her. I was super nervous. I had no idea what to expect, or if there were any rules I needed to follow.

I didn’t realize that the venue didn’t have a photo pit, so being 5”1’ and shooting from the floor wasn’t going to do me any favors. I managed to find an area of the venue that gave me a good view of the stage and shot from there.

Looking back on my first experience, I’d say I learned a lot from that night. I learned that showing up to the venue a little earlier is never a bad thing - especially when it’s your first time shooting at a venue you’ve never shot at before. Scope out the grounds and see what you have to work with shooting wise, and what different angles you can get.

I remember that evening that I wasn’t pleased with having most of my photos from stage left, so I decided to go upstairs and shoot from the balcony - where I coincidentally wound up standing beside and enjoying the rest of the show with Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine!

Any big plans for 2016?

I’ve got a few photo and video projects that begin in January that I’m really looking forward to, one of them being a short music documentary series.

2016 will also bring a lot of traveling!

Favorite albums from this year?

This is always such a hard question for me! If I had to narrow it down, my top 5 would have to be:

Wolf Alice - My Love Is Cool

Tame Impala - Currents

Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly

The Maccabees - Marks To Prove It

The Japanese House - Clean EP

Written by Cameron Capers

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