INTERVIEW: Liv Schinsky

INTERVIEW: Liv Schinsky


Our latest interview is with eighteen year old St. Louis born artist Liv Schinsky. We discuss her introduction into art, inspirations and more in our latest interview below.

What was your introduction into becoming an artist?

I was raised by a graphic designer father and a very creative mother, and drawing/painting was always a fun and important part of my childhood. My mom and I would play that drawing/ pictionary game all the time. I fell out of drawing for a while, not really doing much but doodling on schoolwork, then i went to the Seattle Public Market in the second summer of highschool (back in 2015). I met an artist there who had beautiful paintings, they were really unique and she had a distinct style which really interested me. so after i got back from vacation, i dug up a little sketchbook and pens i bought a year before but never used. i just started drawing little characters like cats and birds and little suns and hearts with faces. I kept drawing this way all summer and eventually went and got a set of watercolors!! I added more things to them every day, then had to get more sketchbooks. I've been this way since then. I have somewhere around 8 sketchbooks now (and i'm working on like 3 at a time as of late, lol) sometimes i feel like my hand can't keep up with my thoughts, all these little creatures and weird scenarios, I don't know. 




 How would you say your personal style and environment influence your style of art?

I've always been a collector, I see things i like all over the place. I have a ton of little figurines and knick knacks in my room. I also spend as much time as i can outside. I've always appreciated animals too (I used to want to be a zookeeper for a long time) but basically everything I like to look at seems to have it's own little personality, all the little figurines, all the trees, flowers, etc. Each one has character and each one has something that sets them apart from the rest. I think when i see these little differences it makes me put more thought and effort into making my own creations a little more unique too! I also see things in everything I look at. Sometimes I can look down at my ketchup and see a little silhouette of a little creature or something like that, Then I get an idea in my head about something I should create. I also did this when I was a little kid lookin at the clouds.



Who are some of your favorite artists?


I'm a huge fan of fauvism, specifically Henri Matisse. I love his use of color, he was one of my biggest inspirations in the beginning. I loved the idea of intentionally making things the color they shouldn't be. I loved Van Gogh and his brushstrokes. I loved the movement of art nouvea too, incorporating organic shapes into art is so cool. Jean Michele Basquiat is one of the greatest too! 




What’s one of the most valuable things being an artist has taught you?

The most important thing is that I'm now capable of realizing the beauty that this world has to offer. There is art in every single thing we see. All the colors shown throughout nature, all of the shadows, the sunrises, the sunsets. All the colors blend so perfectly and naturally! It truly is a treat to be able to experience the world in this way. 



Is there any new projects in the works?

I'm currently building a family tree of strange creatures right now, cousins, little brothers, what have you.. it's gonna be really cool.


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