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I recently spoke to 19 year old Andrés Nelso, owner of local clothing line FAD Clothing to learn more about his love for fashion, supporting local artists and more in the interview below.

When did you first peak an interest in fashion?

Well I've always been interested in dressing nicely, and having them (inspirations) within my outfits.

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What inspired FAD Clothing?

In 2014 I began sketching ideas for shirts. Me and a couple friends decided to bring my crude/rushed sketches to life. But originally it started with me making things that I would actually wear rather than fit into some trend. Eventually it grew into what FAD is today!

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How does the artistic community in Kansas City influence the line?

Kansas City is everything to us, but we always have to think about a wider audience when creating. We are inspired by life and that includes KC, but it always goes back to making stuff we'd actually wear. It always has to be genuine because people can tell, especially people from Kansas City, when something is biting style or just fake. 

I saw Kye Colors wearing one of your guys’ shirts in his music video for “RAYGUN.” How do musicians and other artists in the city play a role in what you guys do?

Well reaching out to artists and fellow brands is essential to our growth and the betterment of the brand. Developing relationships with rappers exposes our brand to many fresh eyes, which in turn brings traffic and brand recognition our way! All-in-all it's a win-win.

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What can we except next from you guys?

Well we're gonna announce our next release EXTREMELY soon, so keep your eyes tuned to our Instagram page!

Stay connected with FAD Clothing on Facebook, Instagram & Tumblr.

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