Ivy Berces is a seventeen year old artist based in Manila, Philippines. I spoke to her via email about being an outsider, finding inspiration and more in the interview below. 

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What inspired you to start drawing?

I was a kid with no friends, so what else to do but draw? My sister also drew with me sometimes, and I just kept going until it became the only thing I'm good at. 

Are there any stories behind the characters you draw?

I never say anything about them, but my 4 original characters are friends, two of them siblings. They like living ordinary lives, that's all I can say. I never say anything about them because its part of this project in the works. 

How does your environment inspire your work?

A lot. I really like traveling to mountains and beaches in the weekends, and I grew up in a house full of plants in every corner and it became normal to me until I'm out in the city. I can never get enough of that kind of thing so I draw it. But these days I like to explore my introversion and make more subtle things. With plants of course. 

Who are some of you favorite artists?

It's got to be Tofuvi, Choodraws, Koyamori, Abbey Sy, and my friend Anja. 

Do you have anything exciting in the works?

I've thought of this amazing idea the other day, and soon its a brand new month so I'm hustling my way to starting it. With a little bit of hustle and research done, I think I'll finally learn and show how much I like plants!! Think tarot cards, but for plants. I'm excited for it! I hope people like it. 

What’s something you want to achieve within the next few years?

I wanna go around the world and meet people who likes and makes art. I'd like to be stable enough to travel and see new sights. I've never left my country before, and I'd like that to change with the help of my art. I wanna appear in big conventions too. I'm afraid I'm too young for that :^)) 



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