California based visual artist ELEVATOR TEETH talks working with indie pop duo Electric Guest, inspiration from traveling and more in our latest interview. Stay connected with ELEVATOR TEETH and purchase his work here

What inspired you to pursue a career in art? 

i had no choice. the real world makes no sense.

Is there a story behind the name Elevator Teeth? 

those words are from a dream.

You've been working with Electric Guest recently. How did you guys initially meet and how has it been working with them? 

asa contacted me when i was in japan and as it turned out, there were many parallels between our lives. the universe threw us together in the end.

Much of your work focuses on mental health and I wanted to know how does creating art help you process your mental health?

i wouldn't say much of my work focuses on mental health, but staying inside of my personal world is the only way i know how to deal.

How has traveling out of the country changed your creative vision and art as a whole? 

i absorb new energies when i travel, and i experience wonder and solitude. traveling helps you to expand beyond the usual version of you.

Does music play a role in your art? And if so, is there anything you lie listening to while you work? 

music is one of my medicines for sure, especially as i create work. sometimes i like silence, though. both are important. 

Who are some of your favorite artists? And who are some artists to keep an eye on?

one of my favorite artists is robert ryman, and i would always keep my eye wherever it wants to be. 


Any new projects on the horizon?

i just created a toll free hotline that will change from time to time. at the moment, it is called the endlessness and the number is 1(866) 605-0382. sometimes i answer, other times you can leave a message if you like. i may use the message for something in the future.

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