Photos by Sophie Minello

Photos by Sophie Minello

COIN released their self titled album on June 5th, 2015 and are currently planning the release of their second album for the new year, as well as a full on headliner tour. Their most recent single "Talk Too Much" has been dominating radio stations around the country. We sat down with the Nashville four piece before their show in Columbus, Ohio to talk about life on tour, their excitement for what’s to come, and more. 

So proud of you that you opened for The 1975 a few days ago. You’ve been opening for some pretty cool bands lately, how have you felt that has impacted you as a band?

Chase : You don’t notice it so much when you’re in the midst of it. I think we’ll really feel the weight of it in a year when we can kind look back and grasp what really happened to us because it doesn’t actually feel like it’s happening when you’re doing it. Like when we played with Jimmy Eat World in Seattle or amazing bands that we’ve looked up to when we were younger, it doesn’t feel like it’s happening. I think it’ll be cool to just let it settle in and look back in a year. 

Joe : I see the way the crew works behind the scenes and stuff and it sets a standard for us as far as their professionalism. It’s inspiring. We’ve been doing it for so long it’s really nice to learn from people like that.

Chase : It’s cool to transition to playing with bands that are legacy and career bands who are doing it for the rest of their lives rather than just three years. It’s cool to see the inner workings of those artists that we’ve looked up to. 

How was touring with Bad Suns? 
Chase : Amazing
Ryan : They’re the best. Good guys, great band.

Any funny/weird stories from the Disappear Here tour that need to be shared with the world?

Chase : Hmm, we’re boring guys.
Joe : New Orleans.
Chase : We had a day off in New Orleans.
Zach : There was a mechanical bull involved.
Chase : Joe rode a mechanical bull.
Joe : I wasn’t going to say that but yes, I rode a mechanical bull.

How was that?
Joe : It was…
Chase : It was New Orleans.
Joe : It was mechanical.

Is it ever overwhelming to see so many new faces during tour?
Chase : Again, it doesn’t feel like it’s happening. You only see the first few rows of people but if I started to think about each individual person and their reaction I just wouldn’t be able to play
Joe : Game over
Chase : So I just try to ignore that there’s more than 50 people there always.
Ryan : I think we’re just focused on what we’re doing but I think that seeing new people in cities that we’ve already been to is a cool thing. We recognize enough faces at this point that if it’s all new people in the city or if the majority is new people, that excites us because it means new people are getting to hear the music.

Joe : It’s rewarding to see new faces.
Chase : You just can’t think about their reactions.
Ryan : You can’t think about them thinking ‘this is my first time seeing this band, i like this…, I don’t like this…’, you can’t do that.
Zach : You can’t think about them on the car ride home talking to someone about the show.
Chase : Zach, why did you do that to me just now? I’ve never thought that far into these people.

What’s something you have to do right away when you get home from tour, besides sleeping?

Chase : Buy a new toothbrush.
Joe : I have to make sure my house still works. I own a house in Nashville and I’ve been gone for so long so I’m sure there’s huge list of things for me to do.
Zach : I need to find a place to sleep.
Chase : Zach’s moved out of his house in Nashville.
Ryan : I like to light incense or something because we rarely get to do that on tour. It makes me feel like it’s my space. Anything to make it feel like home.
Chase : Yeah, to not make it feel like a hotel room.

What lyrics off album two, that you’re willing to share, would give us a good taste of what to expect with the album?

Chase : There’s a lyrics that’s the album title but we’ll save that one.
Joe : That’s a hard question.
Chase : “Your eyes are staring vacantly, are you even listening at all.” 

With your headline tour and album two coming up, how do you feel as you approach such an important and most likely a turning point for the band?

Ryan : Again I think it’s something that we’ve envisioned happening and now that it’s right around the corner we don’t really feel the weight of it yet. Like Chase said earlier we’ll probably feel the weight of it this time next year.

Chase : Or maybe even longer…

Ryan : And we’ll say ‘oh my god last year was so crazy’ because we can’t see it while it’s happening. This whole thing is like we’re on this ladder but you skip so many steps and you fall and you kind of find yourself back on it so I don’t think we’ll be able to even see it until we’re done with it. But we’re every excited for next year. Without coming across the wrong way I think that we’ve earned it, so I think we’re most excited to go and do our own tour.

Chase : Earned it as in we’ve played some pretty terrible venues.
Ryan : It just feels like we’ve been around the block a few times.
Joe : I think we’re comfortable enough now to do it.

Did your approach to writing change when you started the new album?

Chase : Yeah, 100%. We co-wrote with people. We never did that for the first album at all. We co-wrote with a lot of writers in Los Angeles.

Joe : So many outside opinions.

Chase : Joe and I wrote probably 75 songs. We spent two and a half months in Los Angeles writing. We started writing for album two about 10 days after our fall tour last year and we’ve been writing ever since then. Then there’s half of the album that we wrote with outside writers and half the album we went to a cabin in the woods in North Carolina where we locked ourselves away for four days and wrote what is pretty much half the album as a band.

We all know Zach can play every instrument ever, but if you were forced to switch roles in the band, who would do what?

Chase : I would have to play bass because I just can’t do anything else but that.
Joe : You like playing bass though, you like to write on bass.

Chase : Yeah, I write on bass. But I wish I could play guitar I just don’t have the ability. Zach would be a drummer, I feel like. Because one time we did switch instruments for a show. One time we played an encore in Nashville and we played White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes. I played guitar, Joe played keyboard, Ryan played bass, and Zach played drums. It was actually very fun. 

Ryan : If Chase played bass, I couldn’t be the lead singer but I would just love to learn how to play the chords on a keyboard and then just chill.
Joe : I would try to be the singer but I would ditch the keyboard.
Ryan : I’ll take the keyboard!
Zach : Our band doesn’t have a guitar…
Joe : We’re a DJ band.

If a quote by you were to be made into a greeting card, what quote would it be?
Chase : The album title, again.
Zach : "What, Coin? Is that what you guys are talking about?"
Joe : ‘*heart eyes* come home tonight, I miss you baby. Love, Chase.’
Chase : That’s not a Hallmark card, that’s kind of sensual actually.
Joe : Hallmark is kinda that.
Chase : No it’s more congratulatory. I say, ‘don’t cry, it’s all gonna be alright’.

Stream COIN's self titled album below and get tickets to their upcoming tour here