INTERVIEW: From Indian Lakes

INTERVIEW: From Indian Lakes

Photos by Sophie Minello

Photos by Sophie Minello

From Indian Lakes recently stunned the world with their fresh new album, Everything Feels Better Now (via Triple Crown), filled with dreamy sounds and catchy beats. Hailing from Indian Lakes Estates, California, EFBN marks their 4th album and showcases their growth and ability to create unique, unheard of sounds. We recently sat down with front man Joey Vannucchi to talk with them about the new tunes, tours, and life.

There’s a huge difference between each of your albums but it’s still distinctly From Indian Lakes. What did you experiment with through Everything Feels Better Now to keep the From Indian Lakes feel but also allow it to evolve? 


I don’t know. It felt easier this time around so I didn’t have to think too much about it because the songs were just coming out right. I think the last record was a nice bridge to opening up people’s minds to weirder stuff so doing weird stuff on the new record didn’t seem like such a stretch. It was pretty chill. I didn’t really have to think too much and I just kinda did whatever I wanted. It is different from the last record but not more than any of the previous ones. 


How has this impacted you as a band?

The shows are a little different for sure. People kinda sway and the shows are more romantic than they were before, they were a little more punk before. Now those punk kids are still there but they’re bringing the people they date. They make each other mix tapes and things like that. It’s nice.

What song off Everything Feels Better Now are you most excited for everyone to hear?

I think my favorite song is track 4 or 5 that’s called 'Hello'. I really like it, and I think people are going to be immediately attached to it if they liked previous stuff. It’s just a very sad song. I was really excited about it and the way it turned out. 

What’s the meaning behind it?

It’s just a song that’s simply about a relationship. Nothing complicated.

I know you really enjoy the food and drink scene when touring. Have you found anything worth talking about this time around?

There is this burger place in Indiana that’s like a metal themed burger place with craft beer and all that. They have a burger called the Slayer and that kind of stuff. It’s all really good, that stuff’s really fun. I like to be ironic because of how not tough I am.

You’ve recently been doing some acoustic shows for the Wanderer EP. How would you compare your full band performances to an acoustic set?

I think that the acoustic shows were very personal and intimate. I would stop and chat with people sometimes. [Tonight] is more of a show, and it’s loud. [The acoustic shows] were more like a bar show where this is more of a performance were people kinda get lost in it. 


Do you prefer one over the other?

It depends. I wanted to do the acoustic tour because I was really tired and needed to get back into touring. Last year we got a little burnt out from so much touring and all of it. I just thought it sounded nice to just play some acoustic shows to ease back into touring. It was nice.

You play songs from your various albums over and over. Do they still have the same feel/effect for you as they did when you first wrote and recorded them?

They’re different but I like to update them and keep them interesting for us. I think it’s fun to figure out a way to put the pieces together in the set with what you’ve done before and your favorites of what you’ve done previously and the new things. 

You recently moved to New York. How have the different places you’ve lived influenced you creatively?

I don’t know if the places have influenced me a ton. They probably have but I think it’s so subtle that you don’t notice because you’re just growing up anyways. It’s like someone asking you how the place you’re living has affected your hair growing and you just look at yourself and go ‘oh I didn’t really think about it, it was just happening’. Then when it gets to a certain point you’re like ‘I really like my hair, it’s long and cool. I’ll keep it’. It kinda feels like that with the music to me. It just kinda naturally grows and then suddenly it’s in front of you.

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