INTERVIEW: Travelers

INTERVIEW: Travelers

Written by Cameron Capers


LA based indie rockers Travelers released their anticipated debut album ‘Sleeptalking’ on Friday. We spoke with member Eric Cannata about the album in the interview below.

What inspired the album being called ‘Sleeptalking’?

The bulk of the album was recorded in a 3 day span, in which the sessions would go until 4 or 5 am. This made some of the tracks feel dreamlike, because we recorded them half-awake. In the title track, there’s a line that says, “Fall asleep sleep talking, sleep walkers sleep walk cause sheep drag their feet into dreams where they meet all their friends”. I like the idea that a song can bring nostalgia, and child-like, uninhibited emotion. That feeling can be described by sleeptalking. 

The album touches a lot of different bases: relationships, death, self-awareness. How was the lyric writing process?

This albums lyric writing was a mix of us writing all together, and also very personal/individual songs. For the most part, one person in the band would bring a song to the table, with most of the lyrics written.  These themes we touch on are more introspective, and written in a poetic way.  For example, Backwall memorial is about one members grandfathers funeral service.  

In a way you can hear California throughout the record. What influence did your guys’ environment have on the album?

We definitely draw many influences from California folk rock, surf, and indie rock music. We recorded a bulk of the record in Malibu, at Mikey Einzingers home studio. I think there is a calm nature about certain parts of California, that can be really inspiring. It definitely isn’t brash music. It’s meant to be more subtle, with a focus on lyrics.  I think of this album as a folk rock album on just a little bit of LSD.  

With the new year just getting off to a start, what albums are you excited for?

I’m really looking forward to seeing what my friends are up to. Wildling, Kenton Chen, Nilu, Ora, Clay, Chris Lorello. These are all LA artists making great music!


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